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Monday, November 5, 2012

Provence Ancienne French-Inspired Wide Plank Oak Flooring Collection

One thing that François and I adore about owning our own company is the freedom to create.  If I wake-up one morning and say, "Hey, I have an idea!" - chances are it could be realized. From the dawn of the idea to the actual collection could sometimes take 3 years!!!!!!!!!  but it's worth it.  And what has it been worth for Pavé to patiently work behind the scenes to now offer our own vintage wide plank oak flooring collection?  For François and I...a lot.  Each idea  - each collection becomes an integral part of Pavé - our passion to create...realized.  And it's satisfying.  As doers - as artists - with the inherent need to create beauty in our own ideal is why I tell my daughter to find her passion - for life will be fulfilled.

In terms of our Provence Ancienne French-Inspired Wide Plank Oak Flooring Collection, my artistry focused on the marketing  - but this time it was François who developed and refined the technique.  As a former carpenter - François understands wood - many species of wood.  Understanding the beauty and strength of oak - it was for him the species of choice for our collection.  Give a guy a machine...yet - aging wood is not just about machinery.  It's the understanding of the final goal you are after.  François lived with aged wood flooring growing up in France, he spent his youth seeing and touching old materials - he knows the goal.  It's in his blood.  Then the hard part came in.  The techniques to age the composition of the wood - to actually react with the tannins of the oak to achieve an 18th century look and feel that is authentic to his eye.  To develop colors that are as natural as the sky is blue.  The bar was raised very high for this collection - and it was raised not for the public - but for François alone.

There is so much competition out there in terms of wood flooring.  These is an entire country who steals ideas and translates them into a cheap version of the real thing...something that now the public has to figure out for themselves.  Versions of the Mona Lisa are not the Mona Lisa.

Our price, at $14.00/sq ft is highly competitive for the artistry, technique and experience it took to create our Provence Ancienne Wide Plank Oak Floors.  A home is what you make it - and if  you chose authentic materials born from talent and not from a board room...your home will be life fulfilled.

A bientot!
Emmi Micallef
Pavé European Flooring


  1. Beautiful! It is something I would like to have in my so-called "home"! Can this be used in the kitchen?

  2. My best friends parents have stone tiles all over their house. I think it adds class, and a very unique style to your home. I plan on having at least one room in my house that has stone tiles in it.