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Monday, April 7, 2014

Mixing European Materials with Industrial Chic - the 21st Century Aesthetic?

Perhaps some of you took notice...or not...but we did officially change our company name from Pavé Tile and Stone, Inc. to Pavé, Tile, Wood and Stone, Inc.  As a new cornerstone of our Collections, our Provence Ancienne French oak floors help to continue toward what our goal has always tastefully bring to the American market an authentic European aesthetic.

With soooo much on the market - with so many styles and tastes  - it can be hard to decipher what really should go together in a home.  I believe there is an adage with many American tastes...more is more.  The more colors, materials and textures - blending Italian ornate with American colonial can make one disoriented to say the least. However, I do see a back lash to that - with kitchens done in white on white on white with that added gray.  It is beautiful...but safe...and it's what every  Jone's is doing lately.

In Europe, not always true - but at times true - the adage could go...less is more.  This means perhaps one flooring material running throughout the home - not overly done - less swirls and moldings and trim and stone sizes etc...yet with a beautiful decorative and a pop of color.  As a company - we have our feet in old world Europe - but selling to the American market.  It is my hope that Mr. Jone's will begin to have free will and design not like his neighbor Mr. Smith.

We do take risks at Pavé...with more to come...but any one of our products is designed to nearly go with any one of our other products.  Close your eyes and point - and soon your home could  be tastefully done - perhaps even artfully done...risking what Mrs. Jone's could say...but we care?

If I did, I would not be doing Pavé at all...but importing white tile and white stone from China.  In the end...for there is that...we leave a design legacy for future generations.  There is a design legacy in France, in Italy, in Morocco...but what is it in America?  We are of the people who can meld and recreate - like mixing old world Europe with modern that I love and I term it frankly the 21st century aesthetic.  There is nothing like the sleekness of cool metal next to old wood and terra cotta tile....It's also called Industrial and you can find some wonderful examples on Houzz under that style rubric.

Understanding there are enough companies creating contemporary everything - I would like to think of Pavé as adding a small bit  to this design in a Willy Wonka like flourish....bringing forth authentic Europe materials - edited so as not to become too sweet or giddy...and beg homeowners. designers and architects to pair it with justice...keeping it vintage or mixing it up...just mix it up authentically.

A Bientôt!
Emmi Micallef
Pavé Tile, Wood & Stone, Inc.