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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

French Country in Chevy Chase, Maryland

When something is beautiful, usually words cannot describe it.  It's a feeling - an emotion that sends to our brain a sense of tranquility.  Different cultures see beauty in different ways - and many times, we as human beings, don't always agree on what's beautiful.  An interesting point here in America, as we at Pavé Tile are creating and promoting a French aesthetic.  We can provide authenticity, but when the final installation is complete, at times we often see two cultures clashing instead of being symbiotic.  Extreme French Country can be brash with too much color and extreme American aesthetic can be at times too neutral and safe.  This is why I am writing my blog today.

I received photos from one of our clients today who finished her French Country kitchen in Chevy Chase, MD.  How pleased I was to see Tracey's simple elegance.  The colors are in harmony.  The textural elements from the rustic French reclaimed terra cotta tile parefeuille to the honed limestone counter tops make a beautiful contrast...just how nature likes it.  It's "American" in terms of it's tight design and clean lines, something that appeals to me being American...but the French aesthetic is what is highlighted here - beautifully. 

This kitchen is not garish, not over the top mixing too many elements.  It's simple.  Simple beauty.  Simply elegant.  This is what French country is when done right...and this is why we American's fall in love with it every time.

Félicitations, Tracey!
Emmi Micallef
Pavé Tile and Stone, Inc.