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Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Old World Crackle Tile Collection

Happy Holidays to everyone!  Although the holidays are busy for all, François and I are probably busier for we are in the throws of developing four new Collections for Pavé Tile.  The first of our new collections soon to be available is called South Beach 1930.  How I would love to go into detail about this Collection - but we will do it correctly with the bells and whistles of what each line deserves to have - a fabulous header to let you "feel" the ambiance of the tile, the incredible photography and the detailed specs. Just know it's a gorgeous European terra cotta tile collection that will fill a void in the industry for the outdoor lifestyle of elegance and nostalgia of historic South Beach 1930.

In the meantime, I decided to blog on another lovely tile line we offer - The Old World Crackle Collection in Charcoal.  I designed this line while pregnant with my daughter Isabelle.  I wanted to see pattern in a more elegant form - yet still reaching across cultures and time periods.  Onto a hand made European terra cotta tile with a crazed creme glaze - we hand decorate each piece followed by a ramp kiln fire.  The result looks like jewelry.   The craze intermingles with the charcoal glaze giving it an almost reflective quality like a tree silhouette onto a placid lake. 

And because it's a pattern, the design blooms to infinity, allowing one to cover entire back splashes or shower surrounds in elegance.

The colors - creme and charcoal  - with the varying degrees of light and dark values of charcoal - make this collection suitable for the elegant American home decor.  Although the patterns are reminiscent of old world European and Moorish decor - the monochromatic color scheme lends this collection to a modern edge.  Placing this tile next to a dark granite or concrete countetop is glorious - not to mention the sleek stainless steel of the refrigerator and oven.

One of my favorite designs is the one below entitled "Versailles".  It reminds me of a French garden with the pattern being intricate and complicated yet ethereal all at once.

I find it fascinating how one decorative can become so many patterns!

In the end, François and I strive for beauty - so for those of you who love pattern, perhaps you will find beauty in our Old World Crackle Tile Collection.

After the holidays, be sure to view our first of four new Collections - South Beach 1930 - which will be a floor and wall tile collection..with of course..decoratives.

Have a wonderful holiday.
À bientôt,
Emmi Micallef
Pavé Tile & Stone, Inc.