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Monday, March 26, 2012

Outdoor Living Terra Cotta Tile Collection

Villa Raffinato Italian Outdoor Living Terra Cotta Tile Collection
François and I are in the midst of working on a new terra cotta tile collection called La Maison de Tunisie.  François, living in Carthage, Tunisia for 3 years as a child, it's to no one's surprise that Pavé Tile will soon offer a new European terra cotta tile collection inspired by the architecture of the Moors from the 16th century.  I have drawn from inspiration and historical context patterns and arabesques - creating breathtaking beauty for the floor and wall - perfect for contemporary and historical decor.  There are many installation options, and one is to add La Maison de Tunisie as a third collection in our Outdoor Living Terra Cotta Tile selection.  Which we will.  Which I find beautiful, durable and smart.


I love Houzz,  I love being inspired by the photographs and the array of products people post.  But, it also helps me understand what people are looking for and what they want to install in their home.  Leave it to François and I to wander a bit from the beaten path.  We meander down our own cobblestone path in hopes others will see the beauty in our own vision.  Our vision is not cookie-cutter decor.

Let's take outdoor decor.  How many times do we get a call for a brown terra cotta tile for a pool surround?  Too many.  Terra cotta tile - whether it be European like Pavé Tile's or from another country - 99.99% of fired terra cottta is not naturally brown.  Any brown terra cotta tile installation usually comes from the final installation treatment - whether it be a wax, oil or stain.  And these products are not suited for exterior application.  So where does that leave those who are looking for brown terra cotta tile for their outdoor decor? leaves them wondering what else is there, perhaps?  And this is why I am writing my blog today - to educate those wanting to learn that the natural color of terra cotta tile is GORGEOUS and not everything has to be brown (or gray or beige or cream).  (Did I mention brown, gray, beige or cream).  Our colleagues in France, Italy and Spain chuckle a bit by these color idiosyncrasies...calling this ambiance "à l'americain."  At times the tone-on-tone of beige, cream, white or gray - one cannot decipher lineal differentiation between the floor, counterop and cabinets.  I won't even begin to praise the joy of living with natural terra cotta clay colors indoors (l'ambiance français) - I don't have enough energy, for my daughter woke-up me in the middle of the night pleading to help her find the glow-in-the-dark bracelet she received for her 6th I will focus on asking you one question...why not fall in love with the natural color of terra cotta tile for your outdoor living decor?

What could be more organic, work with the natural environment, durable (European terra cotta tile durable) and slip-resistant?   Terra cotta tile is an excellent heat-conductor and exudes warmth of ambiance.  As well, each tile...each made-by-hand, high-fired terra cotta tile - is a canvas onto which Pavé Tile kiln fires original designs...not cookie-cutter ubiquitous patterns - but elegant and inventive ones.

Villa Raffinato Italian Outdoor Living Terra Cotta Tile Collection

For example, Pavé Tile's Villa Raffinato Italian Outdoor Living Terra Cotta Tile Collection is an epiphany between contrasts - the ideal of smooth kiln-fired glaze deigns onto a more rugged Italian terra cotta tile.  The contrast between these two surfaces are lovely and practical - perfect for long-term wear around a poolside.  But that's the beauty for all our outdoor living terra cotta tile collections - the natural clay that is high fired - will last generations with no additional anything. 

Villa Raffinato Italian Outdoor Living Terra Cotta Tile Collection

For those of you who want an outdoor terra cotta tile but not in the red terra cotta tile family, we offer South Beach 1930.  A unique high-fired parefeuille (9"x 15"), this is a terra cotta tile with  Antique Blush and Straw colors.  Soft, calming and lovely around the quiet rippling of a terrace fountain.

Inspired by an old world Americana context, we designed decors and cabochons from the architecture of South Beach 1930 - with colors such as Saddle and Ocean Green.

Can you envision this in your outdoor kitchen and poolside dining?  We hope so. Yes, these are building materials that do not look like your neighbors.  There is no beige, cream, or gray.  But these are building materials that place quality and craftsmanship above all else.  Pavé Tile's terra cotta tiles will last for generations and will live with your family...uniquely. 

À Bientôt,
Emmi Micallef
Pavé Tile & Stone, Inc.