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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Testamonial of Pavé's St. Tropez European Terra Cotta Tile Flooring

What is most relevant to a client when searching a product on-line?  For me, if I find I site that is offering a product or service I either need or want - probably the first thing I do is find out who they are.  "About Us" is my click of choice before I do any crawling on any site.  I want to know with whom I am dealing - real people?  robots? 

If the site passes my test for authenticity of product and/or person - I will peruse the product.  But close after will be that "testimonial" click.  Reviews for me can easily solidify a purchase or...not.  At Pavé, I treasure our testimonial page.  I understand how busy our clients are - and when they find the time to photograph their home - their personal space and send it off with thoughtful reviews of our product and service - I am overjoyed.

Recently we received a testimonial of our St. Tropez Collection.  Not only did this client send beautiful installation photos - but his testimonial spoke volumes about our European terra cotta tile.  This was a client searching for a terra cotta tile floor - and learned through his experience there were three essential types.  He saw value and beauty in each of them - but chose the St. Tropez Collection.  If you are in the market for a terra cotta tile floor, reading his testimonial below will help you navigate those terra cotta tile waters brilliantly - and objectively through the eyes of a client.

Thank you, Brooks!
Emmi Micallef
Pavé Tile & Stone, Inc.

 "It is not simply the product itself, which is truly unique, but also the degree of support provided by François that has been so great.  In addition to the tile, Pavé provided all of the materials necessary to achieve the antiqued look we sought.  Perhaps most importantly, François also gave me the instruction needed to ensure the quality of the installation.  François insisted on walking through the process with me over the phone.  He was always prompt in answering any questions and patient with my queries.   

Of course, the bottom line is the finished product and we couldn't be more pleased with a floor that is both timeless in its look and will outlast us and our home.  I imagine a hundred years from now Pavé will be reclaiming this tile.  

My wife and I wanted the look of antique terra cotta tile for our new home.  The only options we were able to find were various types of Mexican Saltillo and reclaimed tile from Europe.  The saltillo tile, while nice, lacked the European look we were after.   Reclaimed tile was beautiful; however, it presented a number of challenges due to the weight of the product and requirement that it be set in a fairly thick mortar bed.   We were about to give up when we came across Pavé Tile's hand made terra cotta collections.  After ordering several samples, we realized that this was the best of both worlds.  It could be installed just like regular tile, but still had the Old World hand made look and feel.  Needless to say, we are now enjoying our "antique" terra cotta floors from Pavé.

Brooks Johnson, North Carolina


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  6. The photo of Francois and his brother and sister is incredible! Their clothes are beautiful and I dream of being in gardens such as this one. Thanks for sharing, Emmi.