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Friday, March 10, 2017

A Gallery of the Kings of France Aged 18th Century French Oak Floors

The Kings of France Aged French Oak Flooring is one of the most beautiful aged oak floors on the market today.  The skill of these artisans reclaiming new oak to render 18th century planks in color and texture is extraordinary.  Available in wide-plank solid, engineered, chevron, herringbone and parquet de Versailles, below are images of installations that help one to understand what a truly beautiful aged wood floor is.

This color in Danish Whitewash creates the authentic ambiance so many people love when designing a Danish inspired ambiance.  This color also lends itself so well when creating a modern farmhouse aesthetic.

The warmth of these Kings of France oak floors, called Cèpes are regal but relaxed at the same time.

Parquet de Versailles flooring in an aged worn oak, exuding it's natural colors, is timeless.

Smolder is the color that has the perfect balance of browns and greys.  A richness that is authentic as it is historic.

This perfect patina of Kings of France chevron floors is an 18th century marvel of the artisans technique, experience and talent.

Mixing textures is essential in any good design.  Browns + Blue = Perfection.  So what if you combine Kings of France Aged French Oak Floors in Cèpes with Reclaimed Belgian Grey Bricks and Antique Belgian Bluestone Pavers?  Gorgeous!

Vintage Oak in the Kings of France collection is a color that unites warm oaks with greys. One can easily enter golden hues as well as steel blacks and charcoals.

Here we see again blues and browns - this time our Reclaimed Belgian bricks within the fireplace hearth is lovely with the lighter tones of our light cognac Kings of France Aged French Oak Floors.  The creamy white French limestone fireplace partners well with the light wood flooring.

As one can see, the Kings of France Aged French Oak Collection is fabulous. As a wide-plank wood floor in either solid or engineered, the possibilities that present itself are extraordinary.

To view the entire collection, specs and pricing, you can go to our new Ecommerce division, Historic Decorative Materials at

Thank you for your time,

Emmi Micallef
Co-founder Pavé Tile, Wood & Stone, Inc. and Historic Decorative Materials

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