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Thursday, March 19, 2015

To Market - Le Top de Top of French Limestone Dallage

This Dalle d'Aquitaine exudes authenticity.  Fabricated from one of the best manufacturer's of French limestone in France, this outdoor installation has an enhancer sealer to bring out a richer patina and darker tonal values.

As Pavé Tile, Wood and Stone, Inc. continues to grow - François and I continue to stretch ourselves
professionally and artistically to match our highest expectations for this company that we began 15 years ago.  Although I have not blogged since last August - silence does not mean complacency. 

First and foremost, we are working with a new supplier in France that is "Le top de top!" for quarrying and finishing French limestone - so loved for it's durability and elegance and history.
We have brought to stock two French limestone that are antiqued with a savoir faire that François - who is oh soooo picky - is pleased pleased pleased with these finishes.  And from the photos and my own experience handling them, photographing them and blogging about them - I see why.

As co-owner of Pavé, I have done my share of traveling around France, meeting suppliers, seeing and touching reclaimed as well as antiqued limestone - and I have become as well quite discerning.  When I was younger and living in France, I assumed that every French restaurant would be good...and to my astonishment...that was not the case. This applies everywhere really - to not assume anything.  I will say the French limestone manufacturers I have met and we have worked with through the years are STILL ahead of the game in terms of quality and authenticity.  However, the company that we work with today is beyond our expectations for they have invested in the newest technology and education that puts these limestones ahead of the rest.

Dalle d'Aquitaine has an extraordinary patina and hand done chiseled surface that can be installed matte as seen above or enhanced to bring out richer tones.

The two colors we are stocking are Dalle d'Aquitaine and Dalle de Charentes.  Where Dalle d'Aquitaine are creams, wheats and subtle golds - Dalle de Charentes are greys, cafe and wheat.  The sizes are are stocked in 12”/16”/20” x Random lengths with the thickness being ¾”.

As casual as these photos are - taking them right when they arrived from France - you can imagine what they will do to a living space.  Creating a solid foundation under foot whispering of elegance and that quiet French discreteness that speaks volumes about those who live there.

We will be opening our showroom by appointment only  - and will have on view not only these two limestones, but others that will have different ranges and textures from this same supplier.

Pallets of Dalle de Charentes Antiqued French Limestone Dallage Flooring

French Limestone is a magnificent product and viewing it installed in our showroom next to our own Provence Ancienne French Oak flooring is delightful to say the least.  The colors and textures of these two authentic and organic products fit hand and glove.

Dalle de Charentes Antiqued French Limestone Grande Dalle Flooring
The question you may ask - what is setting this French Limestone apart from all the other stones on the over saturated stone market?  First, it's the absolute certainty that this is the real deal -  these stones are from one supplier in France working as hard as you and I, to bring to market authentic French limestone.  It's the real source.  And we - Pavé -  are truthful in our selling practices, period. 

Secondly, please look at the quality of the textures - it's subtle undulations, variations, veining, edging and worn patina. This is no easy accomplishment to achieve this level of aging.  This is not to be taken for granted.  Other stones at quick glance may seem similar - as well as...truffles from China.... Did anyone see that documentary????  I digress....

This Dalle de Charentes French Limestone shows two different installation possibilities.  One with an enhancer sealer and the top photo insert - with a matte sealer keeping that extraordinary soft matte patina.

Dalle de Charentes Antiqued French Limestone Grande Dalle Flooring
And as for my excuse for not blogging since last August?  After 9 months - I just finished painting all my decoratives - 109 new designs - 8 new Collections for a new division we will be opening at Pavé called Historic Decorative Tile.  This is an extremely large expansion of our wall tile division, but I remained true to who we are - focusing on historic designs from the 14th - 17th centuries France, Italy, England and the Moorish region of North Africa and Southern Spain.   These tiles are all hand made, kiln fired in our Massachusetts facility and allowing to be purchased through the click and buy site we are in the middle of developing.  The colors synchronize with all our French Limestone dallage flooring as well as our Provence Ancienne French oak floors.

We look forward to the coming months to see real advancements now - after a long period of quiet yet intense creation.  That is what François and I love about Pavé - it is our talent alone - working with our hands and our abilities that bring forth to market products of which we are proud.

A Bientôt!
Emmi Micallef


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