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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Farmhouse Provençal European Terra Cotta Tile Flooring - The Yellows

Perhaps you are as obsessed as François and I when it comes to hand made European terra cotta tile...or perhaps not.  But if you would understand why these 3 simple photographs I will show you in this blog are the achievements of our lifetime.  (Not really - that would be our  7 year old daughter.)

However, If  I could take you behind the scenes - the back story on how we finally achieved this feat - would take 13 years.  The number of years we yearned, pleaded, tested and screamed for this clay.  And suddenly...we finally got it. would like to know how we achieved this remarkable achievement because, the reality is that Mother Earth does not like to produce yellow clay too often, but we cannot tell you :)

What we can tell you is that the photographs I have taken are just the beginning.  Waiting for this stock is like waiting on a shipment of truffles.   When the stock arrives - and a few boards are made - I will show you the beauty of this clay.  As hand made terra cotta tile connoisseurs - François and I are oh so picky.  We want the perfect texture, the satin patina, just the right aging for the edges not to be too this or that...and the colors...these are wheats and they are straws.  Colors that are warm and neutral - something designers have been craving.

The Farmhouse Provencal Terra Cotta Tile Collection will be more than a collection reminiscent of the warm days in Provence - it will speak of the warmth of everyday living - the cleanness when mixed with whites - the modern edge when mixed with grays.  It will hold a room hostage in beauty - it will be elegant, subtle, old and already story-filled. 

We will stock in two classic Provencal shapes and sizes - the 8" x 14" x 3/4" parefeuille and the 7" tomette.

Sadly, I don't have anything more to add.  But in the months to come - you can be sure I will be humming to Charles Trent as I photograph this tile properly.  This is just a hint of what's to come.

A Bientôt!
Emmi Micallef
Pavé Tile & Stone, Inc.


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