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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Semi-Reclaimed Jerusalem Limestone at home in a Dutch Gothic Estate, Part 1

If you have ever been to Beverly, MA on the North Shore - you will know it's beauty.  Classic New England on the Atlantic Coast, the homes are nestled among one hundred year-old Pine Trees, and your eyes, wide-open, take in incredible private dwellings as your car meanders through the dips and valleys of this historic and lush ocean-side town.  François and I were cordially invited to one of our clients home in Beverly, to view before and after installation of our Semi-Reclaimed Jerusalem Limestone Flooring in a new kitchen addition.

Upon entering the property from a hidden, long drive - my heart skipped a bit.  I have seen many homes, but this client's home in Beverly evoked in me an emotion that filled my soul.  I didn't understand it then, but after doing a bit of research on this particular architecture, my emotions were not exaggerated.  Dutch Gothic.  Yes, this home is a Dutch Gothic jewel and according to Wikipedia, "The mathematical and geometrical nature of the construction is an image of the orderly universe, in which an underlying rationality and logic can be's characteristics lend themselves to appeal to the emotions."  This style of architecture flourished during the high and late medieval period, where many great cathedrals, abbeys, churches, castles, palaces and private dwellings can be seen throughout Europe.

But we were not in Europe...we were in Beverly, MA.  The juxtaposition of pure Americana intermingled with this elegant European dwelling, circa 1800, was like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.  It was beautiful enough to be among the great Pines, incredible foliage and salt ocean water in the air...but to view this historic fairy tale made me giddy.

Our hosts welcomed us warmly, and with camera in hand - François and I began an incredible tour of this astounding property.
From the infinity pool, the breathtaking landscape and ocean front views, the private beach and rose gardens - it was easy to forget why we were here. Our hosts were warm and charming, their passion for their home, the details they put into it, made this tour an adventure.  Using sea glass from the beach, the creativity of our clients had it placed beautifully among the natural rock surrounding the infinity pool.
The infinity pool overlooking the Atlantic Ocean...I am sorry to say I didn't take a close up shot of the sea glass!
 The passion for their gardens made my daughter believe she was in the land of make-believe - running to and fro, smelling roses to lavender.
The new kitchen addition overlooks beautiful white roses
The fairy tale stone stairwell leading to more ocean front views and lavender gardens.
Lavender growing along  stone stairs leading the eye to one my favorite details, the lovely balustrade mimicking arches in the terrace of this Dutch Gothic gem.
A more expansive view of just one of the many gardens on this property.
This angled view shows the presence of our clients' home as the symmetry of the arches in the balustrade and terrace contrast to the organic nature of the gorgeous stone wall cladding.
One exquisite detail I don't want to miss are the Rose Windows.  My clients, reconfiguring their property like architectural gymnastics, built a sublime entry way into the home by adding on a parallel structure to mimic the original facade.  The two Rose Windows look as if they were built together within the same time period - as part of the original structure.
Two Rose Windows...can you guess which one was the original and the other built into the new addition? An incredible and breathtaking detail.
So here I arrive to the point of my blog...before and after pictures of a new kitchen addition using Pavé Tile's Semi-Reclaimed Jerusalem Limestone Flooring.  I must preface these "before photos" with a comment our clients told to us during a lovely New England dinner on their terrace.  So passionate about their home, so private and warm, our clients have turned down many others who wanted to photograph and be a part of this magnificent estate.  I took that to heart and I am hoping with their eye to the beautiful, these before pictures of their new kitchen addition will soon result into a final blog...the "after photos" in all it's glory.  For François and I arrived before the installation has begun - which I think was yesterday.  We want to thank our clients so much for their time, their sincerity, and trust in us and in Pavé Tile.
The entry to their new addition is astounding - with the glass windows of the mahogany carved door leading your eye through the structure to the ocean views.  Who might you see in the windows?
Our clients chose semi-reclaimed Jerusalem limestone for this addition - a perfect choice in color and texture that plays off the indigenous stones from Beverly, MA. This floor is authentic, of the the highest quality, using the most advanced aging techniques from Israel to achieve a biblical floor in look and feel. Soon this kitchen addition will bask in historic glory intermingling not only continents - from Europe, America and now the country, Israel - but to centuries - from the Dutch 17th century to America 18th-21st centuries to the beginning of civilization in the 4th millennium BCE.  Open your mind, come inside and view the "before shots" that will be even more worth the view when you see the installation complete.
Entry into the kitchen that leads the eye to the ocean front views.
Using Pavé Tile's Old World Crackled Decorative Wall Tile, Pattern Lumiere in Sepia, the muted tone-on-tone colors will contrast beautifully with the rich colors of the Jerusalem Limestone floor.  The Lumiere Pattern was a perfect choice for this estate by the sea, having an almost compass rose feel.
Pavé Tile's Old World Decorative Wall Tile - Pattern: Lumiere, Color: Sepia is hand decorated onto a hand made terra cotta wall tile with a cream crazed glaze.  Inspired through historic contexts, the muted colors offered in either sepia or charcoal, adds subtly and elegance in prized homes.
Original stone cladding will juxtapose beautifully with the Semi-reclaimed Jerusalem Limestone Floor.  Our client will bestow upon the kitchen bar Walnut wood from his property that he has been drying for three years.
Let in light!  Facing South, this kitchen addition has views of the ocean front and sunshine all day long.  After studying the light, our clients determined that the strong summer light stays overhead until October, when one yearns for warm rays to enter into the home.  And this is what the sunshine will do...perfectly.

So, that is it for now.  These before shots weren't too bad, B?  Don't worry...the "after shots" will be EXTRAORDINARY!
Please look for the second part of this blog mid-summer.  Until then...

À La Prochaine,
Emmi Micallef
Pavé Tile & Stone, Inc.

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