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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Distressed, Aged and Gorgeous French Oak Floors

Pavé Tile's 18th Century Vintage Mill Wide Plank French Oak Floors in Ebene.
Distressed, aged and gorgeous...why when it comes to authentic old world European building materials - the dichotomy of distressed, aged AND gorgeous becomes a litany of adjectives we like to see in one sentence?  Gorgeous would be the word for our Vintage Mill 18th Century French Oak Floors - aged and distressed...pre-stained as well...these floors are such easy installs for the home builder.  No sanding on site, distressing or staining - it's a home owners dream floor because the color and textures are present as soon as the material arrives on site.  We had a recent photo shoot for our French Oak Flooring...enjoy the close up shots.  Notice the French grain, so elegant...and the knots adding character.  But most of all, notice just how old these floors look.  There is so much wood in America...but Pavé Tile's 18th Century Vintage Mill French Oak Floors are achieved by incredibly skilled European artisans - some of the best wood craftsmen in Europe. See for yourself from the recent photo shoot!

Pavé Tile's 18th Century Vintage Mill Wide Plank French Oak Floors in Cognac
Pavé Tile's 18th Century French Oak Floors come in Wide Plank French Oak Flooring, Traditional Sized French Oak Floors, Engineered French Oak Flooring. Reclaimed Engineered French Oak Floors, and Parquet French Oak Floors.
Pavé Tile's 18th Century Vintage Mill French Oak Floors in Gris.
When choosing a wood floor, the installation is as important as the floor of choice.  With Pavé Tile's French Oak Floors - installers will not have to sand, age or stain these French Oak Planks.  Aged, distressed and pre-stained one of five old world European colors, these gorgeous and aged French Oak planks, whether wide plank French Oak floors, traditional sized French Oak Floors or Engineered Reclaimed French Oak Floors, you as a home owner will be amazed at the ease of installation and the beauty of 18th Century French ambiance that fills your home. 
Pavé Tile's 18th Century Vintage Mill French Oak Floors in Natural Oak.

Comparing other companies with similar flooring, please ask some of our competitors just how the installation process proceeds.  Buying wood from Europe does not mean it's French oak...and having to hire their installer to sand, age and stain the wood in your home does not mean you are going to receive the floors that they so beautifully promote in their exquisite photos.  Then add up the cost...their wood untreated, uninstalled plus the hours of labor to then install the wood to make it look old...and you soon get the idea.  Pavé Tile works and has very close tiles with one of the best French Oak Wood suppliers and artisans in France.  It's all about the relationships - honest relationships that allow us to offer what we show.  We remain honest to our product and honest in our relationships.
Pavé Tile's 18th Century Vintage Mill Wide Plank French Oak Floors Old Bourbon.

Pavé Tile's 18th Century Vintage Mill French Oak Wide Plank Floors in Chocolate.  
We welcome you to come see and touch our French Oak Floors in Pavé Tile's new showroom opening soon.  By appointment only, we can give you our expert advice on installation and European design aesthetics when planning your home.  Located in an 18th Century Mill in Florence, MA - we are apart of the Pioneer Valley, 45 minutes from Tanglewood in the Berkshires, 3 hours from NYC and 90 minutes from Boston.

Finally, value is not to be forgotten in this equation.  Price out your floor with our French Oak Flooring, compare our competitors...and you will be pleasantly surprised.

À la prochaine,
Emmi Micallef
Pavé Tile & Stone, Inc.


  1. All distressed and aged flooring reminds me of old times. The wide plank design adds extra to this feeling. Reclaimed floors definitely carry that unique look and feel. If an engineered flooring can give all these great extra feelings (or at least very similar), than I would say it is the winner for me.

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